Issues with Fat Worship

I know this is a very controversial and talked about topic, but I thought I’d include my thoughts.

Okay so I don’t think someone should be put down for being overweight, or made fun of, or told that they are terrible or whatever. HOWEVER I do think that the internet world is embracing an unhealthy lifestyle and partaking in “fat worship.”

Someone can be overweight and still be beautiful, yes. But we should not be calling fat beautiful. I’m not saying that it’s bad if someone is within a healthy weight and they have no risks and they have fat. I’m talking about the amount of “accept yourself as you are because you’re beautiful and don’t try to change a thing.” No, don’t tell people not to change a thing and encourage them to continue to be unhealthy because of your social justice warrior stances.  They should be encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and if they don’t wish to pursue one, that’s fine. I just don’t want to see people avoiding being healthy because they believe that they will lose the beauty that people are putting upon them these days. 

I understand that there may be medical conditions where someone cannot lose weight, but like I said before someone can be overweight and still be beautiful. Unhealthy lifestyles should not be encouraged like they are now though.

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